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Regular Expressions: Match all alphanumeric characters

November 3, 2009


\p{L} matches all letters
\p{N} matches all numbers

More information

Reset photoshop in case of weird behavior (e.g. freeze on startup)

October 22, 2009

Hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift keys down and double click Photoshop’s start menu entry. Photoshop will ask for confirmation before resetting the settings. Doing so might solve strange problems with your photoshop installation.

Setting up SqueezeCenter on Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo

October 3, 2009

Today I have set up my brand new Squeezebox with my brand new NAS: Buffalo LinkStation Duo Pro.

This was quite some trial and error for me, even though I do have some technical background knowledge (however I am not an expert when it comes to sysadministration and hardware).
But after all, the system works fine now 🙂

To install Squeezecenter on the NAS, I followed the steps outline here.

While doing so, I encountered some problems with the NAS connecting to the internet. Those were solved by configuring my WLAN router as primary DNS server for it (Even though I am using a static IP adress for it), as proposed here (german).

Also, the first link uses an outdated link to the file lspro-bootstrap_1.2-5_arm.xsh; at the time of this writing, the latest version is lspro-bootstrap_1.2-7_arm.xsh.
The file name of the current version can be seen here.