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Blocking Google and Facebook Requests on other Websites

February 22, 2011

Nearly every webpage is requesting additional files from Google or Facebook servers in these days, e.g. when making use of the very much discussed Google Analytics or Facebook Like Button. Of course, there are more: Google Web Fonts, Google Charts, Google Adsense, Google Apis, Facebook Connect, Facebook Widgets, etc., etc. The list keeps growing.

Why is it bad to have third party requests in web pages?

Of course, it slows down your web experience. But what is even worse, especially when it comes to Google and Facebook: for every request to their servers a cookie (and of course, your IP) is sent along allowing them to recognize you and compile a (nearly) complete profile of your web activities. This is especially bad when you using one of their services with login, because they can attach your activity to your confirmed identity without any doubt. But be aware that they are probably tracking all of your activity even when you are logged out.

What can you do to avoid Google and Facebook violating your privacy?

Block their content. As their Third-Party-Code is embedded in nearly every website (often, you do not even see a Google or Facebook feature on the surface) you cannot simply decide not to use their features.
The Ghostery Addon for Mozilla Firefox seems to be a good way to accomplish this.