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Setting up SqueezeCenter on Buffalo LinkStation Pro Duo

October 3, 2009

Today I have set up my brand new Squeezebox with my brand new NAS: Buffalo LinkStation Duo Pro.

This was quite some trial and error for me, even though I do have some technical background knowledge (however I am not an expert when it comes to sysadministration and hardware).
But after all, the system works fine now 🙂

To install Squeezecenter on the NAS, I followed the steps outline here.

While doing so, I encountered some problems with the NAS connecting to the internet. Those were solved by configuring my WLAN router as primary DNS server for it (Even though I am using a static IP adress for it), as proposed here (german).

Also, the first link uses an outdated link to the file lspro-bootstrap_1.2-5_arm.xsh; at the time of this writing, the latest version is lspro-bootstrap_1.2-7_arm.xsh.
The file name of the current version can be seen here.